Wondering what to wear to your unique photo session? Don’t sweat it, I suggest keeping it simple! You can mix patterns as long as they have the same pops of color and same tones, for instance cool tones or warm tones like teal or cranberry, which are both beautiful however are very different tones.

If you pick a key color that everyone can have a little bit of, and then go from there with choosing what tone you are sticking with, earth tones are always great at all times of year! I love hunter green, mustard yellow and cranberry. From there, you can choose to do denim and taupe or khaki pants, skirts and shorts etc to give everyone their own choice.


Most of all, have fun with it! If you want to keep it classic, white tops and jeans or black tops and jeans can also work, but adding accessories or textured sweaters help bring it up to date and give you your own unique flare to separate you from this go to look.


Lastly I just suggest staying away from screen print tops with a design or a logo. Feel free to send your ideas ahead of time.  I will list some of my favorite colors based on my editing preference:



  • cranberry
  • mustard
  • blush
  • olive green
  • burnt orange
  • soft grey
  • navy
  • cream
  • mint
  • plum


Feel free to email: hello@photosbyemj.com for more ideas!